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Transport Services

Our friendly staff will assist you to access to the community and surrounds in Morrissey’s modified vehicles.

We cater for all our client’s mobility requirements & individual needs providing a care free service when crossing off your “to do” list.

Staff will collect you from home, transport to designated destinations, stay with you the entire time then return home or the designated drop off place.

Social Assistance can support you with your “To Do” list:

  • Shopping-pushing the trolley, selecting goods, packing the trolley, taking shopping into the home an assisting to put it away.
  • Paying bills-at the post office or place of business
  • Appointments where you would like staff to stay & wait with you or go into the appointment.
  • Visiting friends who may live locally or out of town
  • Foodbank shopping
  • Medication collection
  • Banking
  • after school sporting events
  • Company to watch football
  • Community events

Please call the office to book your Social Assistance appointments.


Aged Care Service Provider